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Gulf Coast Bible Institute

For anyone called of God into the harvest fields full-time, GCBI offers exceptional Bible training.  That training in many senses follows the essence of godly Charles H. Spurgeon’s heart for the Scriptures and for the ministry.  As though Spurgeon himself almost knew what would be needed over one hundred years later, he once charged the young preachers under his care:


“…If you want to serve God, as I trust you do, I charge you first be careful of your own souls; do not begin with learning how to preach, or how to teach, or how to do this and that; dear friend, get the strength within your own soul, and then even if you do not know how to use it scientifically, yet you will do much, The first thing is, get the heart warmed, stir up your manhood, brace up all your faculties, get the Christ within you, ask the everlasting God to come upon you, get him to inspire you, and then if your methods should not be according to the methods of others it will not matter, or if they should, neither will it be of consequence, having the power you will accomplish the results. But if you go about to perform the work before you have the strength from on high, you shall utterly fail. Better things we hope of you. God send them. Amen.”      - Charles H. Spurgeon20

To such an end, GCBI is well tailored, for it it not only teaches such things as how to teach, preach and “do this and that,” but it also emphasizes training the saints through the Scriptures and simultaneously seeks to instill in students a burning desire to walk in God’s presence, by His power, and for His glory.

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Dr. Tabb, the president and founder of GCBI! GCBI is a ministry of Gulf Coast Baptist Church. Books abound in the GCBI curriculum repertoire!
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