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“Biblical Music” Tract

This is a pre-publication preview only.  As of yet, this tract is not sufficiently prepared for replication and distribution.  (For now, the contents of the rough draft of this tract have been merely scanned and tiled here for web viewers.  For a more legible presentation of this page, PLEASE CLICK HERE. The format in which this tract is herein laid out does not necessarily reflect the final format of the tract.)

Please note:
That this music tract is not intended to accuse sincere, God-fearing Christians of being unspiritual or of not loving the Savior due to un-Biblical music standards, as long as their standards were set in a sincere attempt to honor the Savior.  There are many saints who serve Christ devotedly (Revelation 2:2-4a), yet may not actually realize that their music standards are not entirely Biblical (Psalm 19:12; 139:23-24; Job 6:24). The important thing is to be willing to surrender anything to Jesus, whenever His Holy Word reveals “more perfectly” (Acts 18:26) what He wants from His children.  Thus, the following “definition” of “Biblical Music” is merely intended to help pave the way to a true revival of holiness, and to ensure that nothing stands needlessly in the  way of worshipping God “in the beauty of holiness.” (I Chronicles 16:29; II Chronicles 20:21; Psalm 29:2; 96:9; 110:3)

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