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Please Note…

…That this article is not written to isolate, exclude, or drive anyone back into the Charismatic movement. Instead, it is written with the prayerful hope that Christians will hereby become healthfully aware of the subtle but doctrinally destructive heresies of today’s tide of Charismatic teachings and implications.  At the same time, may such Christians stand fast by the inspired, penned doctrines of the Holy Scriptures (KJB 1611)! Such a compassionate yet unwavering stance is key if true revival is ever to become a beautiful possibility.

 “What Is Wrong with the Charismatic Movement?”
-By: Dr. D. S. Piper (by God’s grace)

[Please invest some well-spent time to read each of the below Bible references as you come to them.]


Charismatic Groups...

I.     ...Claim that Christians can lose their salvation.

  1. However, contrast: Galatians 3:1-3.  This passage shows the "foolishness" (as the Apostle Paul himself phrases it) of thinking that anyone saved by faith can keep his salvation by his own works. (After all, to be able to lose one's salvation would mean that one would have to be keeping that salvation by works, not by faith.)
  2. See also John 10:27-30.  This passage shows that no man can pluck a Christian out of God's hands--not even the Christian himself!
  3. See also Psalm 37:28.  This passage shows that Christians "are preserved for ever"!
  4. (d) See also Hebrews 10:10,14.  This passage shows that once someone is saved, he is saved “once for all”; he is “perfected for ever” by the "one offering” of Jesus’ body on the cross for all sin.

II.    …Emphasize the Holy Spirit above Jesus.

  1. However, contrast: John 16:7-15. Christians are NEVER to emphasize the Holy Spirit ABOVE Jesus, for the Holy Spirit's job here on earth is not to draw attention to Himself, but instead to point always to Jesus Christ.
  2. They teach that, after receiving Jesus as Savior, one must seek to receive the Holy Spirit. However, Romans 8:9 is unmistakably clear that any person who does not have the Holy Spirit does not have Christ either! The reasonis that, the instant any person receives Christ and gets saved, that person immediately and invariably receives the Holy Spirit also, whether that person realizes it or not (according to Ephesians 1:12-14; I Corinthians 12:13; etc.).

III.   …Are a major proponent of the ECUMENICAL MOVEMENT (the one-world-church movement).

  1. However, contrast: Romans 16:17; II Corinthians 6:14-18; and IIJohn 7-11. Christians who believe and obey the Bible and Its doctrines and commandments are to SEPARATE (fellowship) from all people who do not--even if those people justifiably claim to be sincere Christians themselves.
  2. The common basis for fellowship should always be sound doctrine, not love. If doctrine is biblically right, then love will follow (Ephesians 4:14-15;Titus 1:9-11). In short, the one- world-church movement is anti-Bible and is pointing the world toward the Anti-Christ's one-world religion (Revelation 18:4).

IV.  …Follow emotionalism and "experiences," instead of Bible truths (doctrines and commandments).

  1. However, contrast: Matthew 12:38-39; 16:4.  Today, God wants all people to believe His Word, the Bible, in simple faith--not requiring unique "experiences" to prove the Bible’s validity or to "move" them to believe the Bible!
  2. God wants His children vigilantly following sound doctrine (I Timothy4:13,16;Titus 1:9- 11).  Though emotions are obviously not wrong in and of themselves, they should neverbe the guiding factor in what anyone believes! The Bible ALONE is to have that privileged influence over the Christian's life, beliefs, and decisions (Psalm 119:128; IIPeter 1:3).

V. …Claim to possess and practice the miracle gifts (e.g., healing, tongues, prophecy, etc.).

  1. However, contrast: I Corinthians 13:8-10.  All of the miracle gifts (“prophecies,” “tongues,” “knowledge” [revelations], etc.) failed, ceased, and vanished away (v.8).  When did they “fail,” “cease,” and “vanish away”?  They did so when that which was “perfect” was “come” (v. 10). However, what does “that which is perfect” refer to?  Quite simply, it refers to the “perfect law of liberty”--the Word of God, the Bible (James1:25)!
  2. Thus, the miracle gifts passed off the scene once the Bible (the New Testament) was completed.  Why? The reason is that the only purpose those miracle gifts then had was to prove that the newly penned New Testament was the indeed the Word of God from heaven (Mark 16:20; Hebrews 2:3-4).  Now that the Bible has been completed for almost two thousand years, God expects everyoneto believe His Word in true faith --which does not require any signs to believe the Bible (John 20:29; 5:46-47).

VI. ...Are ever changing.

  1. Sadly, there are an indefinite number of further problems with the Charismatic movement, but "the time would fail me" (Hebrews 11 :32) to worthily enumerate those problems here.
  2. After all, because a true Charismatic is driven by emotions--not by the Bible’s absolutes--he is like a ship in the midst of a vast sea: he is constantly drifting from one heresy to another (Ephesians 4:14).  Their root problem is that they have not anchored their own hearts to the unchanging truths of God’s Word (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8).



-By Dr. D. S. Piper
(By God’s grace)


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