D. S. Piper: 21 to 26 Years Old

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[Photo: 1996: Pensacola, FL]

At the home of Bryan’s grandfather. This colorful stopover was on the way to the airport for a ten-day trip touring the Land of Israel! 

[Photo: 1996: Jerusalem, Israel]
Dwayne and Bryan amongst the rest of the Holy Land tour group of 1996.

[Photo: 1996: Jerusalem, Israel]

Dwayne portraying hospitable camaraderie with two Israeli soldiers.  Here, the soldier on the left stuck his military beret on Dwayne for this shot. Memorable!

[Postcard: (Date?): Jerusalem, Israel]

Here is my favorite postcard from Israel! (Three Israeli soldiers praying before Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall.)

[Photo: 1999: Rochester, NY]

Dwayne, with his friend Bryan at a church family camp in New York.  (I’m on far left; Bryan is third from right.)

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